GPG News – 26th August 2015 26

As regular visitors will have noticed, the site has been somewhat in limbo over the past few weeks. Sadly Chris is unable to commit the time needed to research and write the weekly previews at the current moment in time, and my position is largely unchanged from back in April when I made the original announcement about the site. Now, it is of course possible that either myself or Chris will at some point be able to pick up the baton once again – but at the moment it’s impossible to say when that will be. Meanwhile, I certainly don’t want the site to fold completely – we’ve built up […]


The Barclays – no preview 52

Hi all, I’ll put a message up later in the week regarding the future of the site etc. Please feel free to post your thoughts below (as always) on this week’s Barclays. If I am to throw in a small word of punting guidance it would be to not overvalue the leaderboard from the 2011 event here at Plainfield Country Club. The reason being, primarily, that the course had been hammered by the rain in the run-up and during the event, rendering a short course pretty defenseless. This time around the course is going to play ‘as intended’ which is firm and fast, and I believe it will favour strategic […]

Plainfield Country Club